Sparrow Novoform - Designed by Kristian Jakobsen

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Mama, Papa and Baby Sparrow is a tight-knit family and they take good care of each other. The sparrows can do well individually, but always feel the best when they are close together.

The sparrows are handcrafted in solid oak by skillful woodworkers, with an eye for detail.

Material Description : 

Natural oak wood or smoke stained oak

Size : 

Papa Sparrow: 100 x 93 x 115 mm

Mama Sparrow 80 x 73 x 90 mm

Baby Sparrow: 60 x 55 x 68 mm

Delivery Time : 

on stock 2 - 4 days in natural oak wood or smoke stained oak finishing 

for other colors : 6 - 8 weeks 

 *products displayed on the website may be subject to stock availability