Portariviste by Opinion Ciatti - Designed by Lapo Ciatti

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Portariviste, an object that identifies exactly its function and there is no need for a different name to define it. Portariviste is so similar in the concept but so distant in the essence from the “essentials” of Lapo Ciatti. Piece of furniture - ILavolo, LAlampada, ILletto, LApanca – or objects Fermaporte and Portariviste indeed, all characterised by extreme recognition of forms and pure functionality, so presentations, if not useless, appear at least superfluous.

Material description :
Portariviste is an object of great personality made in leather, regenerated black or natural, with a shiny steel structure - black nickel or 24 K gold - perfect in every room where there is a need to put order with boldness and character.

Delivery time : 

2-4 days in this finishing: natural leather and 24 K gold structure

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